Amiga BUFFEE Accelerator 512mb Retail Edition pre-order
Amiga BUFFEE Accelerator 512mb Retail Edition pre-order
Amiga BUFFEE Accelerator 512mb Retail Edition pre-order

Amiga BUFFEE Accelerator 512mb Retail Edition pre-order

税金(包含)。 结账时计算的运费

Amiga BUFFEE Accelerator 512mb Retail Edition - PAID BACK ORDER / Reservation

PLEASE NOTE: We are the exclusive UK reseller for the BUFFEE accelerator boards. The initial 25 512MB retail units offered here are preorders only

We are physically taking placing pre- orders now

Customer stock will be allocated on product availability, based on the order that paid reservations have been placed.


Currently, we our shipping worldwide. It is possible, however, that there may be a slight change in price, at the point of shipping , based on shipping charges and import duty to ourselves.


Currently, the expected ETA for initial stock, is Late December 2021/January 2022.
As with all product manufacturing processes in addition to shipping, it is possible there could be additional delays. We will however, keep our customers and the community fully updated through the back order process.


The BUFFEE accelerator is a brand new super-affordable high speed performance upgrade, initially aimed at the Commodore Amiga A500, A1000 and A2000 computer systems.

However, many well known community technical engineers are already in the process of building trap door adaptors for the A1200 and processor mounting adaptors for the A600, which we hope within a short space of time, will further expand product compatibility.

Utilising a 3.2GHz 68030 68K Core, the completed project will allow configuration of Fast RAM and with Caches enabled a peak speed, close to 1000 MIPS.

By default, units will be set by default to run in 68000 mode, with no Fast RAM or Caching. This is to ensure maximum compatibility with stock 68000 machines.

BUFFEE is capable of detecting the host system and allows caching of the rom (equivalent to auto Map-Rom) and can operate with any installed RAM.

As an additional service, for a small additional fee, to-be-confirmed, we hope to offer the option to customers to receive BUFFEE units pre-configured, with custom base EEPROM settings, fully flashed.

For example, it should be possible to enable Fast Ram and install a licensed Amiga OS 3.2 Rom. (Customer purchase of a legal Amiga OS 3.2 license from RetroEZ required; in this example).

If BUFFEE is flashed with a specific ROM version, this will override the Amiga's Kickstart ROM chip. If BUFFEE is not flashed with any ROM version, BUFFEE will default to using whatever Kickstart chip version, the customer already has installed in the Amiga.

BUFFEE's 512MB RAM is seen as genuine usable Fast RAM by the Amiga OS.

It is however, important to note, that the Amiga OS views this as CPU Local Memory and therefore it can not be utilised for 24-Bit DMA. In reality, this means, for example, if you have a device such as the A508, you will need to disable DMA.

The maximum RAM available at boot time may change between 'some' and 'all' depending on the Kickstart ROM version being used. This is due to Auto-Config not being implemented. Therefore available RAM is pushed into a memory location that get's 'auto-scanned'. On most Amigas, this is the same location where Motherboard memory was, on 32-Bit machines.

This is where any separately installed Fast RAM upgrades, independent to BUFFEE, can fill a niche. As such memory is then there for DMA and active immediately on booting. When using a ROM version, that may not see the full amount of RAM (for example, only 64MB is recognised) then placing an 'addmem' in the Startup-Sequence, should help.

On released, BUFFEE is expected to ship with a very solid and stable build. However, it is still possible to drop the device into ARM mode and reprogram the EEPROM or Flash the memory and the developers have no current intention to shut this door, in order to offer maximum flexibility in the future, where needed.

The ultimate goal for BUFFEE is to deliver a solid consistent experience, aimed at delivering low cost, high end performance with little need to update or modify the product thereafter. 68000 and 68030 compatibility will be the products ongoing focus, with an 020 mode available too.