Troubleshooting Guide Coffin os

Amiga R58 Trouble shooting Guide for V1200 or V4 sa boards

  • Please download and install the latest firmware version 6.0-6.2 for V4 sa and firmware v2.13 for v1200


  • Please insure that you are using the Amiga 1200 or V4 sa internal ide bus.


  • Also please check that you have a cfcard to micro sd convertor and that your a1200 or V4sa amiga boots from DH0 by holding the two both mouse buttons at boot please don not use any other adaptors only single sd convertor cards not with dual cards.

 If you follow these instructions above your Coffin os will boot first time without any issues

If  you have any issues please contact our email 24hrs per day 7 days  aweek and we will get back ASAP


Thanks,   Mike

Amigacoffin Team