Troubleshooting Guide Coffin os

Amiga R58,R59,R60 Troubleshooting Guide for( V2 and V1200 or V4 sa,Firebird,icedrake V4 boards Firmware CORES


Please Note:--coffin r60 requires at least GOLD2.12 to GOLD 2.15 core on V2 and core R5 (r7905) on V4 (Standalone, IceDrake or FireBird) to run. If you do not have an updated Vampire core, coffin will offer you on first boot to update it to latest required version.======================================

Current  Cores Firmware to Date of Feb/Mar/April/May/June 2022 on all V4 Boards (SA,Firebird,Icedrake))is Apollo 8.0

  • Please download and install the latest firmware version 6.0-6.2 for V4 sa and firmware v2.13 for v1200


  • Please insure that you are using the Amiga 1200 or V4 sa internal ide bus.


  • Also please check that you have a cfcard to micro sd convertor and that your a1200 or V4sa amiga boots from DH0 by holding the two both mouse buttons at boot please don not use any other adaptors only single sd convertor cards not with dual cards.

 If you follow these instructions above your Coffin os will boot first time without any issues

If  you have any issues please contact our email 24hrs per day 7 days  aweek and we will get back ASAP

Please download the Latest Firmware Releases for the Vampire V2 Boards Here flash with for usb blaster  GOLD2.15 release these are improved core for v500 v600 v1200 boards for amiga os 3.2, coffin 59,r60 releases


LATEST BELOW:-Click to download

V600 2.15 Firmware

V500 2.15 Firmware

V1200 2.15 Firmware

FIREBIRD Firmware Latest 

ICEDRAKE Firmware Latest



For Earlier versions of coffin R55 V4sa Please download this firmware and reflash your system.

V4SA SA_7366_rc1.jiic


If you our having Ethernet issues or Corrupt Graphics please install the latest SAGA Drivers from the Apollo Team.


Video - How to Please Click on the Links below:--

1-How to ApolloSAGA Update Quick Video  


CaffeineOS_Storm (

For PiStorm

32GB SD (SanDisk) tested on different brands where capacity size might be smaller.

  • Uses Dopus Magellan 5.83 as WB Replacement. 

Classic WB can be used as default. AmigaOS (3.9).

     -    1GB FAT32 partition for boot and data exchange  

  • Network based on MIAMI stack. For click and play, it uses as default for now the PlipBox Network device Version 0.6

Genesis (AMITCP) also installed. SYS:System/Networks

  • CaffeineOS is set up to use RTG out of the box.
  • Default resolution 1366x768

If you get a black screen try 1280x720. Edit config.txt and make the changes there. Not all monitors/TVs support this screen mode.

Also change to 1280x720x32 in the Amiga side with ScreenMode prefs.


 LATEST: V820 (15/03/22) 


Usage Recomendations
Operating System
The Vampire Family of Boards comes ready to use, fully pre-installed with ApolloOS Firmware this needs to be updated for your board to run Coffin Os or Apollo os/caffeine os
ESD warning
Please mind that the electronic components/chips on the Vampire V4 are electrostatic sensitive devices and can be damaged by electrostatic discharge.
WARNING: Opening the enclosure without an ESD protective wrist strap, may cause damage and void your warrenty.
IDE Disclaimer
The Vampire family of Boards comes with a fully IDE-CompactFlash adapter- please note not all cf cards and sdcards maybe not compatible unless using sandisk or branded card name cards - Please update board firmware to the latest version as they are all under current development.
WARNING: The incorrect insertion or plugging in of IDE-adapters/Expansions can cause an electronic shock and damage the device. Any resulting mechanical or electrical damage to the system is excluded from the warranty.
Mounting CF Adapter information
If the CF adapter has come loose (in transport etc...) please remove the V4 PCB from the enclosure and place it on a cork board to provide a secure base for this operation. Then push the connection firmly into the port.
WARNING: Not following these instructions can cause the PCB wires to be damaged when exerting pressure on the V4 PCB while it sits inside the case.


Thanks,   Mike

Amigacoffin Team