Amiga vampire v600/v500 os coffin r0.54-r058, 32gb sdcard latest tcp/ip

ApolloOs, Coffin os

Requirements============coffin r54 requires at least GOLD2.11 core to run, Coffin R55 and R56 , R57,R58 Requires at least Gold2.12 or Gold2.13, if your board is a V1200,V500v2,V600

Vampire V4 sa requires firmware-  SA_RELEASE2_7649.jic too run coffin R0.57,R0.58

===============Package Manager ===============coffin introduces a new package management engine called "IPM" (stands for Idiotic Package Manager). When configured with correct repository, it allows you to download and updates games, applications, videos, etc. from the coffin distribution. It also all From CLI, type "ipm help" to get a full list of availables commands================Maintenance Mode================coffin introduces a new functionnality called Maintenance Mode. It's a lightweight bootable partition which allows user to do several maintenance tasks as : - Backup your system partition - Backup your personal settings - Restore last previous backup - Apply a system distribution upgradeMaintenance Mode can be accessed through 3 ways : 1) In menu, under "Power > Reboot > Maintenance mode" 2) From IPM "upgrade" command 3) Through good old Early-Startup and booting from DH2 Note: booting to Maintenance Mode changes partitions boot priorities. Be sure to use offered "Exit maintenance mode" command to correctly exit this mode. An user resetting the Amiga will not reset them correctly.=====================Backup & Restore tool=====================coffin has a Backup&Restore tool that will backup all your personnal settings and all files included in "DH1:My Files". This tool is useful when upgrading to a new coffin version without losing all your settings. A TCP/IP  has been bundled full licenced edition  and has been proven to be the fastest Amiga TCP/IP stack on 68k and fully DHCP compliant.) MUI 3.8 is still available as commercial product and can be bought.

Please note this is a service only for the amiga community offered all public domain software used Thankyou.