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Please Read below other Users comments -  that coffin os,  is the best amiga distro out there for the Retro Amiga Experience!!!!!!!!!!! for any Amigians

Vojin Vidanovic

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18 May 2019 21:18

Mr Niding wrote:

        Sounds like Coffin or preferably AROS, will be the way forward.

        I am interested also, and would buy Vamp specific installer.
        Bundled with OS 3.1.4., could make a nice legal starter. That could be its potential.
        Preferably, such single CD bundle could be a Vamp install and repair media and could update Vamp core, SAGA drivers and even ROM. That would be my wish list and would pay as much as currently AmiKit costs with Flower Pot.
        AROS seems to be only way forward that can develop the OS components further and likely get a decent browser. m68k Linux I hope will be an option too.
      So, AROS Vision for Vampire would be my boot#2 option :)
      There is interest by author too. These are two most legal packs
      of m68k software of today.
      From AROS Vision FB page
      "News regarding Aros on Vampire. Thanks to help of Kalamatee the boot problem on vampire is now solved. Right now they are working on speed optimizations. As soon something is ready I hope to do Aros Vision for Vampire"
Mr Niding wrote:

      I guess what Im asking, how does it hold up compared to Coffin for example performancewise? Too much fluff/many addons?

    Coffin is "lighter" and more spartan in look, thus faster.
    It also included more WB apps and games, emulators and their games etc. So Coffin is free and superior (to any AmiKit and esp. to AmiKit Real based on older builds) plus it includes Vamp specific tools and core version checker and flasher, and even TOS/Mint and backup partitions.
    But then again, AmiKit is fully legal and includes nice all-in-one updater, nice exclusives and OS 3.5/OS 3.9/OS4 check to have OS3 legally.


Please note this is only a service only for the amiga community offered all public domain software is used Thankyou.


Also the new vampire v4 standalone is here


All  Amiga Coffin Distros the later R54,R55 will work with your firmware on the New Vampire V1200 boards from the Apollo Team, They will help you more in slack when they give you access after you have purchased a card from the team.


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  • Yes coffin r0.55 will work on the v1200


    M cromford
  • Which coffin distro should I buy for my A1200? I don’t see any listed in the products.

  • Which coffin distro should I purchase for my V1200; Do V500 or V600 distros work on my V1200; is there any specific V1200 distro coming out;


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